Renewable Energy

The process commences with the raw material where the chopped and shredded biomass is accumulated in a silo which regulates its homogenised input to the combustion boiler.

This boiler, with a nominal thermal output of 26 MW, heats the water that is gasified so that, by means of a coil, it reaches the turbine for the generation of electric energy, which is connected to an alternator that introduces it into the energy distribution network. 

This gasified water is cooled in the refrigeration tower which dissipates it in the form of water vapour.  In short, clean untreated water is returned to the atmosphere, without any kind of treatment or modification. This water vapour, which depending on the weather conditions creates a noticeable visual effect, is totally clean and harmless.

The process also has a particulate retention mechanism for even the smallest particles which, by means of a cyclone separator and a constantly operating electrostatic precipitator, are continuously removed and collected, so they can be appropriately managed in a closed circuit. 

The built-in turbine allows a maximum electric production of 12 MW.


Global Aranguren Biomasa -Glefaran- is a renewable energy company whose main activity is the combustion of forest biomass to produce energy.


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